Abhiram and Anirudh's Birthday | Children's Events | Peacock Indian Cuisine, Fremont, CA

The day after operating our photobooth at a school dance, I headed over to Fremont to cover twin boys' birthday. The decorative details were very festive for toddler twins, and the jungle theme with choice of colorful balloons offered a very child-friendly vibe. The Cat in the Hat was present for some magic, balloons and facepainting. It was a very colorful party to say the least.

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Neighborhood Car Show | Event Photography | San Jose, CA

Egan had his first solo assignment with this event last June 21, while I was away for a TFC event in Toronto that weekend. This event was a fun car show hosted by the Chevitos Car Club, featuring the classics! The details on these vehicles are one of a kind. Other attractions were classic rides of different kinds! 

This was a benefit fundraiser for the Santa Clara County Fatherhood Collaborative. Such a great idea for a dad event. Click the photo below to open the gallery!

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A Night To Remember - Grad Dance | Photobooth | Pollicita Middle School, Daly City, CA

We set up the PEPbooth at Pollicita Middle School's grad dance officially titled "A Night To Remember." Students totally enjoy having their photos taken and bringing home their print copies. And we enjoy doing this for them :) It was a green screen set up with one of the many vantage points of San Francisco's skyline. Click on the photo below to open the gallery.

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East Oakland Community Playdate | Photobooth | Youth UPRising Skate Park, Oakland, CA

The East Oakland Community Playdate was a community event organized by my friend Stephanie. She had been doing this for the past 3 years to provide a safe and positive play area for the children of her community in East Oakland every first Saturday of the month. A band would perform, children would be playing, and parents enjoyed the support and good vibes of having this event. Well, the time had come that the playdate needed to rest, but I'm sure there will be other great projects coming from Stephanie in the coming future. This was yet another fun event to have the photobooth setup at. It's safe to say everyone enjoyed having their photo taken and having a print to take home. Click the photo below to view the gallery!

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Matteo's Birthday | Children's Events | Superfranks, Dublin, CA

Matteo is my 2 year old pal (also, my kids' 2 year old pal) and I took some of these photos to celebrate his little party. Nothing fancy here, just brought my camera along for a few shots and enjoyed the rest of the night having a foam fight with some kids. And pizza too :)

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Samantha's Birthday | Children's Events | War Memorial Community Center, Daly City, CA

November 9, 2013
War Memorial Community Center, Daly City, CA

I love an event that is close to home! Samantha's birthday was very near one of the neighborhoods I grew up in, and it was a real joy to cover her special evening. There was magical entertainment provided by Magic Dante which the kids loved (their reactions speak loudly), Samantha and her friends sang a few tunes, and the kids had a game of musical chairs to end the night. 

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Justin and Barbra | Wedding | Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley and Meadow Club in Fairfax, CA

July brought to me two opportunities to serve as a second shooter. It was no doubt a very busy month for me with my personal and work schedules, but I am very honored to be asked to do these. And I am always ever happy to accept and experience beautiful weddings in fabulous venues.

Justin and Barbra prepared at the Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley. I got to work with PXL Photography and Three Motion Media (awesome videographers!!) once again, and they make for an absolutely fun team. After all the preparations and detail shots, we drove over to the Meadow Club on the hills of Fairfax. There were deer lounging about the golf course. But more importantly, this was a great great choice for their wedding. It is truly a wedding venue with its scenic landscape, and the reception was a short walk over. With the awesome interior and wonderful lighting the space provided, it was a photographer's dream venue!

Official photos are presented by PXL Photography. The photos in this gallery are my personal favorites that I shot and am now sharing. Click on the image below to see my personal picks!

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