Surprise Marriage Proposal | Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA | Portrait Photographer

I was contacted on short notice for an availability to capture this surprise proposal. I almost couldn't make it but I really wanted to, so I did what I could to adjust my day's schedule. Very glad I did!

Forecast showed a very rainy weekend, so there was much concern about where to have the proposal. In coordination with the future groom, we eventually agreed to have it at beautiful Palace of Fine Arts. The outdoor lighting in such condition was perfect, really, and the rotunda offered some shelter from pouring rain. It was supposed to rain....   but it held up. There was a lot of mist for sure, but it just seemed so perfect! Palace of Fine Arts is a real special place, and the most perfect for a proposal.

Shortly after the big question, the sun began to shine!

palace of fine arts

The venue: Palace of Fine Arts.

proposal photographer
I waited at the agreed spot, and kept an eye for the couple. As soon as I spotted them, I got ready. Here they were walking and enjoying themselves.

Surprise Marriage Proposal | Palace of Fine Arts | Portrait Photographer
The future groom sets up the moment, with whatever it was they were having a laugh about!

couples photographer
Then came the kneel....

san francisco marriage proposal
And the question.

palace of fine arts photography
She was quite stunned and happy, full of smiles and hugs and everything!

bride groom
Not sure if she noticed me at this point but I started to come up closer.

engagement photography
She continued to celebrate...

couples photography
And at this point, she noticed I was taking pictures.

san francisco photographer
It was revealed to her that I was really there for it :)
portrait photographer
They asked for a photo with the fountain. Lovely!

engagement photographer
The trail to marriage is open. :)
Congrats, David and Lisa!

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Business Dinner | Club Nokia in Los Angeles and Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA | Event Photographer

Just sharing a little bit more from my work with TFC. This event stretched between two days in San Francisco and Los Angeles last June. It was a dinner for advertising partners and friends of TFC, and a fun little event I enjoy working on. Located within the LA Live sports & entertainment district, Club Nokia's VIP Lounge has the true ambiance of LA's scene: dark, lights and intimate. Delicious hoeurs d'oeuvres prepared by Wolfgang Puck, too! (Edited: Club Nokia is now known as The Novo)

Regency Ballroom's classic and historic decor was a change of scene. It was real nice to work a venue like this that isn't a concert. So much space, yet, intimate enough for downtown clients.

Click each of the images to open up a gallery.

June 9 | Club Nokia | Los Angeles, CA

June 18 | Regency Ballroom | San Francisco, CA

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Faces | San Francisco, CA | Lifestyle Photographer

It has been nearly a whole year since we said that we would do more photojournals. Looks like it didn't turn out the way we planned to. But in keeping the word, this is to share our latest work in the photojournal series. We took these on an afternoon out to Green Apple Bookstore on Clement Street in San Francisco and followed by dinner at our favorite family eat-out spot, Mel's Drive-In. This series focuses on G and A's facial expressions, showing the beauty and not-so-beauty of being children. Our objective with these photojournals is to improve our storytelling (or just writing, in general). 

Check out our previous photojournal session.

A's first time eating out, ever, was at Mel's Drive-In. She was just under 1 year old when she finally got her own seat at the table, and her own plate (mac and cheese).
To this day, our family still enjoys eating at Mel's. It's a guaranteed happy place for us. These days, A no longer eats mac and cheese but she loves to order a good ol' hotdog. She always eats slowly...and oftentimes we have to pack her leftovers to finish at home.
G wasn't having a great time, however. What was he so mad about? No one remembers, really. But he did not want his picture taken. We played a bit of hide and seek, but this face always melts me. No. Matter. What.
The dynamics between these two can drive us crazy sometimes because they are so close in age, and they love to get in each other's business. Most of the time. But this night, A did quite well minding herself while G gave us madface for the most part.
Pull down the beanie, don't show the eyes. That he did. Anything to throw me off.
Pull the sweater over the head. Just. Stop. Mom! Pleeeeease?
Through it all, as this boy's mother, I have to keep him in line without throwing a fit in public. I turned his madface into a smile, just by being cool about what he was mad about. The madface lifted. Once our orders were brought out, we enjoyed a true American diner meal as a family. Thank you, Mel's, for being a huge part in our lives! 

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One Kapamilya Go | Calgary Stampede, Calgary, AB | Concert Photographer

My work in event logistics keeps me very busy, but I sometimes have the pleasure of taking a few shots at our events. This past August 2015, the team headed to Calgary in Canada, and we mounted a fun concert for our customers. The venue was at Calgary Stampede Arena, and the artists are from the cast of the Philippine show, "Your Face Sounds Familiar" in where these performers channel a famous singer's act. In the TV show, they wear prosthetic makeup. But for this live event, it was not possible. Featured artists are comedian Pokwang who hosted the show, Your Face performers Jay-R, Edgar DeGuzman, Nyoy Volante and Melai, TV couple Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, and show stopper Jed Madela. I do not function as an official event photographer at our events, but I bring a camera and take these shots for me to use with my work. Can't help but try to take concert photos that I would be happy with :) Here are the highlights from my shots.

I shot with a 5DII, 24-70 2.8L, and fed off stage lighting.

It must be said from time to time, that my work at The Filipino Channel is how I got started in event photography. ;-)

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Sid and Marilyn | St Joseph Church in Pinole, CA and Double Tree inBerkeley, CA | Wedding Photographer

In June, I assisted and performed as a second shooter for PXL Photography. The bride and groom preparations were at Double Tree in Berkeley Marina, and the ceremony was at St Joseph's Church in Pinole. The party also took place at the Double Tree.

Official photos are presented by PXL Photography. These are my selected highlights I shot for them.

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MJ and Dennis | Double Tree in Berkeley, CA, Rockefeller Lodge in SanPablo, CA | Wedding Photographer

Back in May 2015, I covered this beautiful wedding in the east bay. The preparations and pre-ceremony photos took place at the Double Tree in the Berkeley Marina. The day was mostly overcast, but the blue sky also appeared. I have always appreciated an overcast day for photos as it gives me a natural filter to work with. The ceremony was about 15 minutes away in San Pablo's Rockefeller Lodge.

This is the first time we've been able to present a gallery as a slideshow with music. It is a very fun way to present still photos in form of a video, as the storytelling of the day unfolds. Guests of the wedding may also check photos in the official MJ and Dennis wedding gallery. For the password, please contact MJ.

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Piedemonte 50th Anniversary | Peninsula Golf and Country Club, San Mateo, CA | Life Event & Photobooth Photographer

Thanks so much to the Piedemontes for having us at their 50th Anniversary event! The milestone was celebrated by family and friends at the Peninsula Golf & Country Club in San Mateo. Their guests had a lot of fun getting their formal and silly photos taken.

Click the photo to open the gallery!

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