Cassandra | Portraits | Botanical Gardens in San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Park is always a great choice for photographing, whether it's for nature or portraits. Meet Cassandra, who studies theater arts, and needed some new photos for casting opportunities.

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Hot Chocolate 5K | Event Photography | San Francisco, CA

This 5K Marathon was routed near our neighborhood last January 11, and Egan went out there quite early to catch a few photos. The run started in Golden Gate Park, and went along the Great Highway, to end back in Golden Gate Park.

These are just some of the fun photos of the run. Looks like everyone had a great time! Click on the photo below to see more.

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Why Can't Everyday Be Earth Day | Production Stills | Oakland, CA

The first weekend of 2015 started off with a music video shoot in Oakland. Children's music songwriter, Michael Ryther, led a group of children to co-star in his music video directed by Esperanza Catubig.

Here are some behind-the-scene photos by Egan. The music video will be completed for release in April, just in time for Earth Day!

Click the image below to open the slide show.

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Cricket's Birthday

This is a late share of some birthday photos late last year. Family friend Cricket had a lovely birthday party at her home, complete with dancing, singing, and a tea party! 

Here are some of my favorite highlights from her birthday.

Cricket and co. start with tea, prepared by her supermom!

A tower of delicious sandwich bites for these fine girls and boys.

Dance the afternoon away, ladies!

Cricket was ecstatic to blow her candle, surrounded by her wonderful friends and family.

More fun and dancing? Of course!

Their backyard has the coolest DIY treehouse, although, it's not on a tree ;-) This was built by her grandpa. What a lucky girl. She has a personal play structure that isn't like any other.

Happy Birthday, Cricket! May all your wishes come true.

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Street Adventures, January 2015 | Photo Journal | San Francisco, CA

This 2015, we will be adding and expanding our photography services. As previously mentioned, portrait photography will be back into our services, and there are also plans for other expansions beyond taking photos (more on this later). In addition, we have decided to mix some of our personal works into this website, and you will find them under the "Miscellaneous" category (or go to the Gallery tab, select "Miscellaneous Work"). We have already transferred some photos we had posted from a SF Family Lifestyle Blog we were running for a while, but that is bowing out and being discontinued.

With that said, we would like to start off this year with a set of street photos, a photojournal series we were inclined to name "Street Adventures."

As time goes by, you will also be seeing some other photojournal series for city scapes and nature. The goal with this practice is to keep our work fresh, improve our storytelling, and share some of our adventures through photo.

Photos are by Egan Hernandez, except where noted. Please respect our work and do not steal from this website. If you are interested in using anything here (or from any of our work) we would like to hear from you first.

New Year's Eve started off with our last doctor visit of the year. Here, G reads patiently while waiting for A to be called in. No other pictures were taken during the actual appointment :) But Miss A is on track, healthy and well. 

After the doctor, we headed to the next block and claimed my birthday reward from Starbucks. Thanks Starbucks, but your cashier messed up my order and I didn't know it until we were waiting for the drink he never punched in. It is a rare day for us to not be in a rush, so we took our time with drinks. 

While waiting for our order, both G &A demonstrated how boring waiting is. These children are learning what patience is about, but they are still working on it. It is safe to say that they do not run wild and be rowdy to other customers. We're on track, yes?

Our drinks came, but between the 4 of us, only three were given. It was then I realized I never even said what birthday drink I wanted. I told the guy that I had a birthday drink to claim, he told me to open my Starbucks app so he can scan it, but I was never asked what drink I wanted. I did order a hot chocolate, a cold boxed milk, and another drink for Egan. The guy, apparently, scanned the hot chocolate as my birthday drink. Nothing to flip out over, but I took Egan's drink :)

As we enjoyed our drinks by the window, Egan went outside to test out a polarizer to shoot against glass windows. Well, there's still plenty glare from the street out there, but I rather like how these came out. Without scrolling to the next pictures, can you tell which Starbucks we're at? :)

While waiting for my drink to cool down a bit, I grabbed the other camera we brought and snapped the next two of my drinking buddies.

Miss A is as silly as it gets, and while she has a real genuine smile that she will only produce for another photographer, this is all we can get from her. 

So, here's the give away. We spend a good amount of time out here. Fact is, G and A entered the world through a prominent hospital along California Street. 
(Photo by Rio)

This kid loves his hot cocoa. However, he also gets away with drops of decaf from grandma. While he knows it's not okay to drink coffee at his age, he has been told it's okay to drink a little decaf. Oh, poor kid. If only you could bask in the glory of drinking regular coffee. Wait a few more years...
(Photo by Rio)

My lens of choice is the Canon 24-70mm. Truth be told, I love all of our lenses. But this is my everyday friend. I do not binge on buying lenses, and subscribe to the belief that I should only buy lenses that work for me. This is a true workhorse of a lens, for its versatility and quality.

Well, when the money flows, I will be lens-bingeing. 

(Photo by Rio)

After drinks, we took a short walk to a little bookstore up the street, Books Inc. The shops we passed on the way there distracted G & A because of the Lego boxes they displayed at the window. God knows marketing tactics are what helps businesses survive, but we have parental duties also, and must curb these things for the right time.

There is a children's room in the back of Books Inc, and being that G & A are apt readers, they heartily enjoy browsing. And of course, they ask each time if they can buy something. We like to support the little shops, but we're also not made of money. But this is one of the two book stores we frequent in the city, although I don't think we have ever purchased anything here to date. We know it's here, so we hope it stays there for when we do buy. 

Before we exited the store, I noticed the shadows of the books on the store's floor looked like a skyline silhouette. Just. Had. To. And yeah, black and white is definitely more dramatic than the colored version of this photo. 

(Photo by Rio)

Once done with the book shop, we picked up grandma from work who took a half day, but we found ourselves back in the Richmond to do some grocery shopping at Smart and Final. We all got home early enough for lunch, and the rest of the day was spent on opening up Christmas presents that were still left untouched. 

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John Muir Woods | Nature Photography | Mill Valley, CA

This is a set from about 2 summers ago, which we originally had shared on our phased-out "We Heart Weekends (WHW) - SF Family Lifestyle Blog." I really love how these photos came out, and didn't think they should die with WHW. We love when the sun lights through trees! Muir Woods offer a lovely backdrop for photos, wouldn't ya say? Click on the photo below to see the gallery!

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Lake Merced | City Scapes Photos | San Francisco, CA

I was browsing through our galleries on Smugmug, and noticed one gallery was set as "unlisted" -- no one else could see it -- and it prompted me to remember why I did that. I still can't answer it, so I have dug it up and sharing the whole gallery here. These are from 2013, when we took a walk around Lake Merced in San Francisco. We weren't intentionally scouting for new spots, but we do think Lake Merced is a beautiful space to do photos at. Just look at these.

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