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This was originally posted to our Facebook page:

Every summer, we tend to neglect this page.

That's because summer is an extremely busy (and exciting) time at the day job. But regardless, I've covered 2 weddings, and been trying to catch up on the blogs.

It is the summertime that always speeds up the year. Feels like we were just doing so many shoots in January and February (we did). But as this year starts approaching its end, we hope to be caught up with the blogs and work/launch a new website look.

With a new website, we hope to be in full operation with an expansion to our services: image restoration. I have been working on a portfolio in time for the launch. In the meantime, we are taking on some small restoration jobs so if you need work done on an old print, give us a holler. We also offer colorization of old photos.

For now, we sign off, again.

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Matteo's 3rd Birthday | Event Photographer | Dublin, CA

This little boy is growing up too fast. Though, it's a phrase I hate to say--because, children growing is not a surprise--the time I have seen Matteo from birth to now really feels like it hasn't been three years. A party with his friends was the way to ring in 3. A bouncehouse, a shark pinata, and grown-up drinks (for the parents) made for a a very fun Sunday afternoon. This winter afternoon light is quite the natural light for a backyard event. This was what you can say, a deLIGHTful birthday.

Click the image to see the gallery!

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Jinx Jones and the Kingtones | Concert Photographer | The Riptide in San Francisco, CA

The Riptide is a neighborhood bar with live music in the Outer Sunset. Back in February, we biked over and brought a camera out to try and take some photos when Jinx Jones and the Kingtones dropped by. No strobe used for these. All were shot as jpeg, so the editing was quite tricky with the dim lighting in there. Nonetheless, a nice little Friday night break for us: got to ride in the fresh-aired night, took some photos, and drank some drinks.

Jinx Jones is a rockabilly band from the Bay Area. They were the only band that night, and had a 3-hour set scheduled. We were only able to catch the first set. These are the best shots of the night. Cheers!

Frontman Jinx Jones twang the guitar and provide lead vocals

He is backed on the drums by Bernadette
As they performed, an old black and white film played on the screen behind
Best shot of the trio all night; albeit very dim, but capturing this friendly neighborhood bar's ambience
On the bass was Todd, slapping a bass as one could

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Why Can't Every Day Be Earth Day music video | Production Photographer | Oakland, CA

We started off the year taking behind-the-scene photos at a music video shoot, and shared this gallery not too long after: http://panfocus.smugmug.com/GALLERIES/Earth-Day-Music-Video/

So now, we share the final product: Why Can't Every Day Be Earth Day music video, written and performed by Michael Ryther and directed by Esperanza Catubig!

The shoot was located in Oakland, and featured some kids who were really into Earth Day! In between takes, one child picked up a worm hanging out in the grass that others were amused with, while others were not so amused with (including myself). He was very gentle with the worm and placed it where no one would step on it.

Enjoy the video, and please share with your family and friends!

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Hedda Gabler on SFWeekly | Promo Photographer | San Francisco, CA

Our photo from the Hedda Gabler cast shoot is up with this lovely article on SFWeekly! Get a deeper look at who is behind this Filipino production, and their thoughts on female leadership in theater arts.

Catch the live performances at Bindlestiff Studio, starting this Friday and until May 2. Tickets are available from Brown Paper Tickets.

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Hedda Gabler | Promo Photographer | San Francisco, CA

We are happy to share this press release for Hedda Gabler, an upcoming stageplay produced by Bindlestiff Studio. This version is from an adaptation by Jon Robin Baitz from the original by Henrik Ibsen. The play stars Esperanza Catubig as Hedda Gabler, Rose Almario, and Ro Ambrosio Birco. Directed by Alan S. Quismorio and Aimee M. Espiritu.

The promo photos were done by Egan Hernandez and assisted by Rio Hernandez of PanFocus Studios, including the poster image below. Click on the poster to read the PR as well as see some of these promos.

Buy your tickets here.

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3rd Annual Music for Kids | Children's Event Photographer | Berkeley, CA

A chunk of my life has been dedicated to music, so it is without question that I am still involved with it. The Little Bits is my current project, and although we do not often do shows, I cherish the few we get to do. The set of photos below are from a little concert co-produced by The Little Bits along with our good friend, Esperanza Catubig of Theatre Residencies, Inc. The event was held at Mudrakers Cafe in Berkeley, a corner coffeeshop with a nice room in the back for community-style events such as this. The event flyer was also put together by me.

Here are the highlights of the event! Please click on the photo to open the gallery.

Photos by Egan Hernandez.

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